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Boudoir is who you are

Boudoir is not about nudity, lingerie or perfect bodies. It can be sexy, but that's not the main goal. The intention is to show who you are. There's an intimacy to boudoir that is special to its genre.  

You don't need to be naked. You don't need to show much skin. You don't need to lose weight or look like a supermodel. You can wear nothing or be fully clothed. The goal is to celebrate who you are as a woman in whatever way that makes you most comfortable.

Boudoir Event

For all the amazing women that would like to have a unique experience celebrating womanhood, I am offering a special boudoir mini event.

When you book a session, I will be with you through the experience from start to finish. Before the session we'll work together to choose your wardrobe, discuss hair and makeup ideas and ensure you know what to expect on the day of the photos.  During the shoot, I will guide you through the entire session. We'll focus on delivering an amazing day that you'll remember forever!

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Dates: January 24th or 30th, 2021

Location: Home Studio in Round Rock, TX

Investment: $295 and 30 - 40 minutes of your time

You'll get:  10 digital images and 10% off all prints

Link to book your mini session

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